BAHAWALNAGAR/HAFIZABAD/BAHAWALNAGAR - The Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM), Imamia Student Organisation (ISO), Shia Ulema Council (SUC) and other religious and political parties arranged protests and took rallies to condemn the killings of more than 80 innocent people in Kirni Road blast in Quetta and express sympathies with the bereaved families.

In Bahawalnagar, scores of people including activists of MWM and ISO took out a protest rally against the killing of innocent people of Hazara community in Quetta. The rally led by Shia Ulema Council leaders was started from Tehsil Bazaar. The protesters were carrying placards inscribing the condemnation of the incident bad were chanted slogans against the federal government and law enforcement agencies for their failure to protect the innocent citizens. The rally after marching through different roads reached at Rafique Shah Chowk where it turned into a public meeting.

On the occasion SUC President Syed Zamir Naqvi alleged that evil forces backed by America and Israeli hatched the conspiracies of Alamdar Road and now Kirni Road in Quetta. He said that the terrorists remained successful in carrying out their nefarious designs due to the incompetency of federal government and LEAs. He demanded the government to take effective measures stop killing on innocent muslims.

In HAFIZABAD, the large scale killing of Muslims in Quetta was mourned by all segment of society in Hafizabad, Pindi Bhattian, Sukheke Mandi and other towns of the district here on Sunday.

A large number of members of Shia sect gathered in Markazi Imambargah at Fawara Chowk here on the call of Hussaini Alliance, SUC and TNFJ where the speakers strongly condemned the mayhem in Quetta in which more than 80 persons were martyred and over 200 men, women and children were injured.  Later, they took out a rally which was led by Hussaini Alliance District Chairman Syed Hussain Ali Shah, Liaquat Zawar Khanno, Malik Intikhab Haider and Syed Shabi Ul Hassan Kazmi. Holding banners, placards and black flags, they were chanting slogans against the rulers for their apathetic attitude and its complete failure to stop the massacre of Muslims. They also staged a sit-in at Fawara Chowk, blocking the traffic for about half an hour and called upon the Governor Blochistan and Federal Government to ensure that such incidents would not recur.

Similarly, in BAHAWALPUR, a large number of people from Shia Community took out a protest rally from Shia Masjid to Fareed Gate against the brutal killings of dozens of Hazaras in Quetta bomb blast.

The protest rally was ensued by a sit-in at Fareed Gate Bahawalpur to express solidarity with the effectees.

Meanwhile, Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer Dr Syed Waseem Akhter condemned the Quetta mayhem and said that situation in Balochistan had gone bad from worst. He said that the law enforcement agencies had failed to discharge duty effectively. He alleged that due involvement in corruption, the LEAs had lost grip over the law and order. He asked the government to take sweeping steps on war footing to address the situation as Baluchistan was important for the solidarity of the country.