MALAKAND - Former federal minister for Science and Technology and central leader of PTI Azam Khan Swati has claimed that the country currently is being ruled by corrupt people. During the last five years, the economy of the country was shattered by the incumbent rulers. These people have pushed the country to bankruptcy at the cost of increasing their personal bank accounts and assets. He was talking to members of Thana Press Club during a meeting with them here on Sunday. The poor people are bemoaning with the ever-increasing financial problems while the rich class is least bothered in this regard. Azam told the meeting that due to the wrong policies of present rulers foreign investors are hesitating to invest in Pakistan. He claimed that the sitting rulers have made a pre-poll rigging plan and despite less than four-week time is left the sitting assemblies to lapse, parliamentarians are still announcing development projects in their respective areas.

He hoped that if the people and especially the youth vote in favour of the PTI, the country would see a new dawn of prosperity and economic stability.