ISLAMABAD  – Hundreds of heavy trucks, entering and leaving the industrial area everyday, are causing air and noise pollution in the federal capital and disturbance among the sector’s residents.

Resident of the industrial areas told APP that the number of noise, dust and smoke complaints from the area were steadily increasing with each passing day. One of them is Shahid Ali, working in an automobile painting shop in the sector for over 10 years, is an asthma patient. He attributes his problem to the heavy presence of smoke and dust in the industrial area.

He said hundreds of trucks enter and leave the area, adding, “My shop is located at Potohar Road and over 200 trucks use this road daily”. Aslam Khan, a resident of Sector I-9, also complained that scores of trucks that use the road daily create a lot of noise and smoke pollution.

Muhammad Tahir, another I-10 resident, said one could easily see layers of smoke in the air. He said throat, nasal and lung problems were quite common in the area. Doctors warn that noise and air pollution is injurious to human health. Dr Aftab Ali Malik, who render his services at Polyclinic

Hospital, remarked that the smoke emitted by trucks could cause respiratory infections, exacerbations of bronchial asthma, and high blood pressure. He warned that smoke also contained carcinogens that could cause cancer. The doctor said the dust could cause nasal allergy, asthma and noise hearing problems.

When contacted, Senior Superintendent of Traffic Police said trucks could only use link roads to enter or leave the city. He said they he would ask his men to keep a vigilant eye on trucks causing noise or air pollution. A CDA official said the civic body had warned factories against polluting environment through notices and would proceed against the smoke emitting or effluent discharging industrial units. He informed that environment protection laws were also being amended.