KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami leader Muhammad Hussain Mahenti has written a letter to Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Fakruddin G Ibrahim in which he expressed deep concern over establishment of Election Call Centre by MQM instead of Election Commission.

In a letter, Mahenti raised few question in front of the CEC pertaining to polling scheme and voters’ verification. He asked the CEC, whether the polling scheme has been completed? Has the voters’ list been prepared? If not, then the MQM from which list to provide information on a call?

In the letter, Mahenti was on his view that NADRA should liable to share its data with Election Commission only, not to any party. “How can a party get this sensitive data? Is the Election Commission allows the said party to do this? Do other parties will share the same data? Mahenti questioned.

“Establishment of Election Call Centre by the MQM, feels that the EC has bowed down in front of the MQM”, Mahenti added.

“Holding of transparent elections under these prevailing situation are not possible”, Mahenti feared.

In his letter, Mahenti appealed the CEC to take serious notice of sharing the sensitive data to a party and take appropriate steps towards holding of fair and free elections. He further appealed the CEC to upload all relevant details including voters’ lists, polling scheme, polling stations, polling agents and applications of candidates on website.