MULTAN - Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Ameer Syed Munawar Hassan has disclosed that the JI can make seat adjustment with the PML-N, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and the JUI-F for the upcoming general elections.

Addressing a condolence reference held to commemorate the national services of former JI chief Qazi Hussain Ahmad and Prof Ghafoor Ahmad, he added that the adjustment would be made at large scale and it would be done in all areas.

He anticipated that no national-level electoral alliance would take place before the polls, although the parties currently in government might continue their alliance. He said that the US was going to pull out of Afghanistan in 2014 and it wanted to bring such a government in Pakistan that acted upon her do more demand. Referring to Tahirul Qadri, he said that the timing of his arrival confirmed that he was sent by someone. He said that the recent decision of Supreme Court proved that the vision of Tahirul Qadri faced defeat.

He lashed out at MQM, saying it was not a political party but mafia. “They don’t have any political agenda. They are acting upon the orders of their foreign masters,” he maintained. He claimed that the culture of sack-packed bodies was introduced by MQM and they could not contest elections if the agencies withdrew their support from the party.

He stressed the need for the promotion of mission of Qazi Hussain Ahmad and Prof Ghafoor Ahmad. “The motive behind holding this event is to act upon Quran and Sunnah and turn Pakistan into a true Muslim state,” he added. He said that we were living in a secular Muslim society where earning haram was easier than halal.

Referring to Seraiki Province, he categorically declared that it would not be made by the rulers. “They are just doing political point scoring. If they could not make it during last five years of their rule, how can they make it at the end of their term?” he posed a question.

Speaking on the occasion, PTI president Makhdoom Javed Hashmi said that we needed to get Pakistan liberated from such politicians who looted national exchequer. He said that the country was in grip of terrorism as dozens of citizens were being killed in different areas on daily basis.

Former speaker of national assembly Syed Fakhar Imam said that election commission did not obey the orders of Supreme Court as neither delimitation was done nor electoral rolls were properly verified. He warned that the country would be in jeopardy if the nation failed to bring forth a leader who listened to the masses.

Senator Rafiq Rajwana asked the participants to pledge not to do politics at the cost of the country and play active role to get the country rid of terrorism.

He said that Qazi Hussain Ahmad and Prof Ghafoor Ahmad were the personalities who fulfilled all requirements of Article 62 and 63 of the constitution.

JI Punjab Ameer Dr Syed Waseem Akhtar, Mufti Hidayat Ullah Pasroori and others also spoke on this occasion.