LAKKI MARWAT - PPP activists have criticized the federal government for not taking any measures for the welfare and betterment of the party workers during the last five years.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, Din Muhammad and Ihsanullah said that the reconciliatory policy of President Asif Ali Zardari has failed to resolve the problems faced by party workers.

“The policies of President Zardari has provided an opportunity to other political parties to remain part of the government and accumulate benefits and all sorts of perks”, they explained.

They also said that the disappointed workers would be unable to persuade people to poll their voters in favour of PPP candidates in the coming elections.

They called upon the party’s central and provincial leaderships to approve a comprehensive package of perks and privileges for the workers of far flung districts like Lakki Marwat.

Weapons recovered in operation; several suspects held

Meanwhile, the local police and security forces launched a joint offensive against militants and criminals in Takhtikhel area bordering the frontier tribal region and arrested several wanted criminals and suspects.

“The law enforcers also seized illegal weapons from anti-social elements during hours-long clean-up operation”, said an official on Sunday.

He said that the operation was planned on information that militants and outlaws had infiltrated into the area from adjacent tribal region.

Official told that personnel of law enforcement agencies eliminated hideouts of criminals’ gangs and arrested two proclaimed absconders identified as Barkatullah and Shakirullah during the search operation.

 “They were wanted by Haved police of Bannu district in cases of heinous nature”, he maintained.

He said that six lawbreakers and 20 suspects were also captured and a hand-grenade, a rifle, a repeater gun, two shotguns and a pistol were recovered from their possession.