LAHORE - Shia organisations held separate demonstrations and staged sit-in outside the Governor’s House and Lahore Press Club on Sunday to protest against Hazara massacre in Quetta.

Majlis Wahdat-ul-Muslimeen staged a sit-in outside the Governor’s House to condemn and protest against the terrorist attack targeting the Hazara community. Led by MWM leaders including Abuzar Mehdavi, Mubarik Musavi, Imtiaz Kazmi, Haider Ali Mirza, Javed Saqi and others, determined participants vowed to continue sit in till decision of the central leadership regarding burial of Hazara people who lost their lives in the suicide attack.

The sit in continued till filing of this report. Hundreds of people including women and children participated in the sit in, demanding military operation against terrorists targeting Hazara community. Carrying placards and banners inscribed with writings against the terrorists and favour of Hazara community, the participants chanted slogans against the rulers. Imamia Students Organisation also participated in the sit in to express solidarity with Hazara people and to condemn and protest against increasing terrorist attack on Shia community. The sit in outside the Governor House caused massive traffic jam on The Mall and adjoining roads.

Talking to the media, MWM spokesman, Mazahar Shagri said that the anti Pakistan forces were targeting the shia community in general and Hazara people in particular for their nefarious motives. Condemning the terrorist attack, he said that the enemy was targeting women and children but patriotic people would fail conspiracies against the country.

He demanded the government to give security to Hazara people and accept their demands. He said that the terrorists have nothing to do with Islam and Pakistan and their only motive was to create unrest and destabilise the country. He said the sit-in would continue till decision from the central leadership of MWM.

Shia Ulema Council held a separate demonstration outside LPC and staged a sit in to express solidarity with Hazara community.

Addressing the participants, provincial president SUC Mazhar Abbas Alvi said that the government had miserably failed in maintaining law and order and providing security to shias. He said the terrorists had made the country hostage and there was need to take practical measures to curb the menace of terrorism. He demanded constitution of a commission to probe Quetta tragedy.

Rally: The civil society activists held a protest at Liberty Round About on Sunday to condemn the killing of Hazara community.

The civil society urged the govt and judiciary to act against the culprits. The civil society network president Abdullah Malik said all citizens were equal in the eye of law and it was duty of state to provide protection to all citizens.

The participants strongly condemned the target killing of Shia Hazara Comunity in Quetta and showed their solidarity with the victim families. They demanded early justice for those who sacrificed their in bomb blast.

The participants chanted slogans against terrorism