LAHORE – The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf in a bid to start the process of inviting applications for candidates aspiring to get the party tickets for the general elections is most likely to form the central parliamentary board this month and the provincial parliamentary boards in the first week of March, The Nation has learnt.

Sources in PTI told this correspondent on Sunday that party’s top leadership, which was stuck in ‘the mess’ of intra-party polls since September 2012, now focusing to constitute the parliamentary boards as soon as possible to draw a picture of potential candidates at its disposal.

A meeting of party’s central political strategy committee would be held in Islamabad today (Monday) to form the parliamentary boards and pondering upon the matter of making political allies in the polls, review the objections of party leaders over the transparency of the party polls, kick-start a mass contact movement for the elections and discuss the current party position with special reference to Punjab and Khyber Pukhtunkhawa.

They informed that a senior party leader belonging to South Punjab, has advised Imran Khan to start the process of inviting the applications from the candidates to get the party tickets, as the delay in the process would halt the may-be party candidates to form their electoral strategies in their respective constituencies.

The same leader advised the party chairman that the central and provincial strategy committees should take up the task of entertaining applications of the aspirants temporarily, which would hand over all the data and work done by them on this count to the parliamentary boards immediately after the formation.

However, Imran Khan and some party leaders who have no previous background of making an electoral strategy for a new party opposed the idea and insisted that the process should be started after putting in place the parliamentary boards.

Ahsan Rasheed, member political strategy committee when contacted, said that he expects the central parliamentary board could be formed in the result of the committee’s meeting to take place in Islamabad today (Monday), while the provincial parliamentary boards most likely to be constituted in the first half of March.

He added that applications from the aspirants of party tickets were expected to be asked by the mid of March through advertisements in the media.

Arif Alvi, central secretary general when reached, said that keeping in view the fact that the coming election would be the first poll for PTI, the process should have been started at the end of the last year under a temporary arrangement to assess the party position across the country. He added that PTI being the newly established political entity should have enough time at its disposal to make a smart electoral strategy to defeat the political forces, which have contested many elections formed governments.

Meanwhile, latest development on infighting among the PTI ranks over grabbing maximum seats in the ongoing intra-party polls in Punjab, Hammad Azhar allied with the Aleem Khan’s Unity Group parted ways with the camp and became a candidate of general secretary of Lahore metropolitan against his group’s nominated contender, Abdul Rasheed Bhatti in the second phase of party polls for tehsils, towns and districts of Punjab to be held on February 26.

Hammad Azar is the son of, Mian Muhammad Azhar, head of PTI Punjab political strategy committee and party leaders supporting Unity Group of Aleem Khan were of the view that builders community representative in PTI, Aleem had mad a serious mistake by annoying the junior Azhar.

A close associate of Hammad Azhar maintained that Azhar junior would expose the rigging of Aleem Khan’s Unity Group during the Union Council party polls and make public the fake lists Khan presented to the media claiming majority for his camp in the Union Council party polls.