LAHORE – Another teenage girl was found murdered after being assaulted in the Misri Shah area on Sunday morning, raising fears of the possibility of a “serial killer” behind the brutal killings surfaced in the City in the last 15 days.

Local residents spotted the body of an 18-year-old girl, clad in Shalwar-Kamis, lying alongside a road near a popular bakery in the Swami Nagar area in the jurisdiction of Misri Shah police station. They immediately contacted the Emergency Service (Rescue-15) by phone and disclosed the happening to the investigators.

The 18-year-old girl, unidentified so far, was the third such killing in provincial metropolis during the last 15 days as the police are yet to take the cases as seriously as required. The three killings of the young woman, also unidentified yet, reported in the Islampura, Ghaziabad and Misri Shah area, respectively since February 1. A police source said the body appeared to be of a young housemaid. An assistant sub inspector (ASI) and two constables arrived at the crime scene after a considerable delay and removed the body to the morgue for autopsy. “We don’t know what has happened in fact? The body is removed to the morgue and we will look into the case after the autopsy report,” Station House Officer (SHO) Misri Shah, Ahsan Ashraf Butt, said, when contacted.

When asked whether it was a killing or accidental death, the SHO confirmed that the girl was murdered and admitted that they police were in no haste to register the First Information Report (FIR). “No case has been reported yet,” Akhlaqe Ahmed, duty-officer at the police station said late on Wednesday night.

The possibility of the involvement of serial killer (s) in such killings could not be ruled out, according to police sources.

A local resident, Muhammad Ishaq, told reporters that none of the senior police officers including the SHO, the Circle DSP, and an even the SP concerned bothered to visit the crime scene since the terrible killing surfaced. Terror and fear has gripped the entire locality as many residents were seen visiting the crime scene in a state of shock.

SP City Multan Khan enjoyed the Sunday at his residence while the post of DSP is lying vacant for the last many days, a police source said. Despite repeated attempts on his cellular phone, the SP City police division was not available for his comments.

Ironically, it was learnt that from the station house officers (SHO) to the Superintendent of Police (SPs) concerned never bother visiting the crime scene even in the cases of crimes of heinous nature. What to say about any breakthrough in the investigations of the blind murder cases when the top officers are showing such a negative attitude. “This (attitude) reflects lack of professionalism and lack of interest on part of the senior officers,” a retired police officer who served in the Crimes Investigations Agency (CIA) for several years commented. “This is a typical example of Thana culture,” he underlined.

In the cold dead night on February 1, unidentified savages committed a similar murder in the Islampura area, where a girl, apparently around 18 years of age, was found murdered with her face severely burnt-out.

Initial police investigations had indicated that the killers had gang-raped the poor girl before they strangled her and threw her body in an empty plot near the Bund Road. A few passersby spotted the body, clad in a painted-shirt and wrapped in a plastic bag, in the T-Timber-IV area in the morning and contacted the emergency police (Rescue-15).

The feet and hands of the deceased were also tied to the back with a piece of cloth. The face of the victim was badly burnt and was beyond recognition. The police believed the killers burnt her face to conceal the identity.

On February 6, a 22-year-old girl was found murdered after being raped in the Manzoor Colony in the Ghaziabad police area. The police claimed that the girl, ye to be identified, was raped before being killed. The police removed the body and virtually shunned investigations into the killing.

Meanwhile, the police are still groping in the dark even one month after a 45-year-old woman, said to be deaf and dumb, was found dead from the field in the Hydyara police.

Police investigators had suspected that unidentified killer(s) raped the disabled before strangulating her. Resident of Minhala villager, Irshad Bibi, was recovered dead after being raped a day after she went on missing under mysterious circumstances. It appeared that by removing the body to the morgue the policemen had completed their job.