Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e- Insaf, Imran Khan said on Monday that tribesmen should be part of the decision making as without it no peace can be maintained in Waziristan.

He said that the government would have to change its policies while bringing peace in the tribal areas.

While addressing to a sit-in protest of the Mehsood tribes in front of Islamabad press club, he said that both Former president General Musharraf and the present government were responsible for the present worst condition of the Mehsood tribe

“Today all the schools are closed in the Waziristan. What would be the future of these children?, he questioned

He said that it has been nine years that the future of these youngsters was at stake. “Eighty per cent people of the area have become homeless and nobody is even moved to solve their grievances and problems,” he added.

He demanded the government to come out of the war on terror and maintain peace with the tribesmen.

He said that drone attacks were occurring with the consent of the government and were part of the National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO).

He assured the protesting Mehsood students group, who had been staging a protest in front of National press club for the last three days that their demands would be met soon, saying that they will be compensated for their loss and the missing persons would also be brought back.