LAHORE - The PML-N government has confessed that the present energy crisis occurred due to its own failure by suspending four senior officials of ministry of petroleum including Secretary Oil and Gas.

The Interior Minister has also confessed that the government made a big mistake by not managing the supply. Minister for Petroleum Shahid Khaqan Abbasi claimed that the petrol demand increased by 25 percent after the government reduced prices — which mean that shortage was not a sudden mistake.

The claims by the minister and suspension of concerned officials have exposed the civil government that has badly failed to ensure supply of fuel and overcoming energy crisis.

It has become a reality that bureaucrats always face suspension whatever ill happens and whosoever is responsible.

Does that mean that the entire system, especially policy making, of the government depends on the bureaucracy? Is the bureaucracy running the government? Why doesn’t the PM demand reports from the concerned ministers on their performance?

The government is in power for nearly two years but failed add even a few megawatts electricity into the national grid.

Is bureaucracy responsible for Model Town incident? Who mishandled the PTI march in capital? Is only Ogra raising POL prices?

Regulatory authorities were bound to inform the government about the likely situation emerging from any of its decisions.

Such a crisis had happened once in the past but why haven’t the authorities not learn any lesson from it?

Time has come to resolve the issues instead of blame games. The government needs ‘a think-tank’ comprising experts to advise it on how to defuse a situation before it emerges.

Ministers, with huge perks and privileges, cannot drive the country out of any crises at the moment.