Karachi-With his warm, mature voice and potent stage presence, Danyal Zafar, the younger brother of musician-actor Ali Zafar has released his second track titled ‘So Long, Goodbye’ from his album ‘Blue Butterfly’.

Produced by Danyal himself, ‘So Long, Goodbye’ showcases his versatility not just as an Artist, but also as a Producer. Reflecting on adding the Qawwali portion to the track, Danyal aims to create a fusion like never before, since this is one of the first times we have seen a hip-hop/R&B track featuring a tradition Qawwali.

Talking to this scribe, Danyal said: “I just let out everything on paper about what I felt when I was betrayed. The track followed through. But what really got to me was the transitions in the track. How it goes from being an upbeat R&B track, to a chill Hip-Hop switch followed by a surprise bang of a traditional Eastern Qawwali to make it grand and wrap it up.”

He added: “Though I’ve said goodbye, we conveyed the girl’s perspective through the qawwali. Nothing was planned about this track though, I didn’t know it was going to be split into three phases, I just did what felt right. The tempo-shift ‘felt right’. Hassan Badshah, a producer/composer was listening to me mix the track while he was on the harmonium behind me and he suddenly came up with this Eastern composition which I fell in love with.”