KARACHI - City council members have expressed concern over the unprecedented price-hike being observed across the country as inflation is the major issue among the common citizens. They declared that high petroleum prices is the real reason behind soaring prices of commodities. The authorities concerned should take notice to stop the price-hike. The city council session held on Thursday, presided over by convenor Nasreen Jalil.      The members discussed in detail the ongoing price-hike criticising that no action has been taken to control it. They recommended suggestions to check and control the unprecedented inflation which had broken the backbone of the common citizens. A resolution on the continuous price-hike in the country was tabled in the city council in its last meeting and debate was still continued on Thursday. The session was adjourned by the convenor. Haq Parasat member Syed Waqar Hussain Shah said that at least prices of flour, rice and pulses should be fixed for three to six months so that some relief could be given to the common citizens. "Smuggling of commodities should be checked strictly and export of the flour, rice and pulses must be immediately stopped. The need of the countrymen to be fulfilled as they are facing several problems for their survival." Another Haq Parast member Muhammad Arif said that petrol prices in India were higher than Pakistan but prices on food items remained under control in India. Whereas, in our country, rising petroleum prices always multiplied the prices of commodities. He urged that the price committees should be established which was to be linked up with the UC nazims who check the prices of food items. He said that UC nazim to be given power to check the price of commodities so that price-hike to be kept under control.   Opposition member Abdul Wasay while criticising said that many segments of the society were involved in the process of price-hike including the present city council of CDGK. He said that the city council imposed taxes on various things which also affected the price hike. Taxes had been imposed on plots of 80 yards where mostly poor people resides. Another opposition member Anwer Baloch said that high petrol prices affects all things, thus we should introduce bicycles for travelling purposes in our daily life. As we can see that our Chinese brethren are combating the soaring prices of petrol by plying bicycles in their daily life. Treasury member Asif Siddiqui said that OGRA had always review the petroleum prices after fifteen days and when summaries moved for considering the petroleum prices the petrol pump owners readily increased the prices without getting any final approval. Resultantly common man suffered and price-hike looms. "To keep a check on petrol pump owners, powers should be given to all UC nazims." Earlier treasury member Ahsan Siddiqui, requested the convenor Jalil, that he had tabled a resolution pertaining to the prevailing law and order situation in the industrial zones of the City and wanted to take up the resolution and seek permission to address the issue. He said that industrial zones were the backbone of the country's economy but on the other hand the industrialists and business community was facing tremendous problems by the hands of criminal gangs who kidnapped them for ransom. Their factories and industries robbed in broad daylight and they could not do any thing for their safety. The convenor adjourned the session till July 23.