MUMBAI - The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has summoned their pace bowler Mohammad Asif to appear before the disciplinary committee on July 23. "We have received a six-page report (three pages in Arabic and three pages translated into English) from Dubai authorities where he was detained for 19 days for having contraband substance in his wallet", Nadeem Akram, director Human Resources PCB said. "The each page of report contains from (1) Dubai Police: details and circumstances under which his arrest was made in Dubai on June 1; (2) Laboratory: the banned substance found (in wallet) was opium but the bowler was found negative in his urine report and (3) Prosecutor: the detailed circumstances about how he was sent back from Dubai to Pakistan". It is not certain whether the PCB would require to send this report to WADA but the PCB official said opium was not a banned substance under WADA code. The report does not mention anything about whether the bowler would need prior permission from ministry (barring visa formalities) to enter UAE again and there is no "banned" stamp on his passport, it is learnt. Asif will appear before three member committee comprising Shafqat Naghmi (COO), Nadem Akram (director Human Resource) and Zakir Khan (director operations). "We hope to finish off the enquiries within 2-3days," Akram said.