KARACHI - Some of the toughest competitions during the Beijing Olympic Games coming month may be at home over the television remote control, according to a Visa survey which shows a divergence between men's and women's interests in Olympic sports.   Of the 4,556 people from the Asia Pacific region who were asked which Olympic sporting events most interested them, swimming, football and gymnastics were the clear overall winners, but scratch the surface and differences between men and women became more apparent.   It appears the biggest battle will be over football, with a 19 percentage point difference between men's interest (53 percent) and women's interest (34 percent). Men said they were also more interested in baseball and boxing than women, while women were more interested in watching gymnastics and swimming - particularly synchronized swimming.    Amer Pasha, Visa's Country Manager Pakistan said: "While the findings show that men and women are interested in different events, it is heartening to see a strong interest in the Olympic Games overall and the spirit of faster, higher, stronger that runs through every Olympic event." It may be more than a battle of the sexes:  the family lounge room may also see generational disparity over which sports to watch.  According to the Visa survey findings, people over 45 are twice as interested in athletics and baseball as those aged 18-24, while younger people are far more likely to watch hockey, boxing and tennis. Pasha continued: "What is interesting is that the passion for sport is the unifying factor amid the diversity of views and interests of the supporters. This passion is what helps create the colour and excitement at the Games, and is why the Olympic Games are such an important event in the global sporting calendar." Greatest Interest Gaps by Gender (interest percentage) Sport    Men    Women    Difference Baseball    35    23    12 Boxing    22    12    10 Football    53    34    19 Gymnastics    35    44    9 Swimming    45    53    8 Sync Swim    10    23    13 Source: Visa/Nielsen survey Interest Gaps by Age Group Sport    18-24    25-34    35-44    45plus Athletics    21    31    30    42 Baseball    19    25    26    36 Boxing    28    19    18    12 Gymnastics    28    33    40    47 Hockey    31    27    30    13 Tennis    37    29    30    22 Visa has been the exclusive payment card and the official payment service of the Olympic Games since 1986 and will continue its category sponsorship through 2012, including the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  Visa will be the only card accepted at all Olympic Games venues for official Olympic related transactions.