It is heartening to know that Islamia College University (ICU) Peshawar has announced that admissions to BSc (Honours) and M.A/MSc will be started soon for the next academic session, which will commence from September 2008. It is good for the people of Pakhtunkhwa that their children will now have further opportunities to get higher education at the university level. I must appreciate the wise decision of Ali Muhammad Jan Aurakzay (ex-Governor, Pakhtunkhwa) who upgraded the college to the status of a university. The appointment of Muhammad Ajmal Khan as Vice Chancellor of ICU is another intelligent decision, which reflects the visionary thinking and positive approach of the sitting Governor Owais Ahmad Ghani. Ajmal Khan has already served various universities in different capacities. It is encouraging to know that the Masters programme will be started in six disciplines. It is my humble suggestion that the emerging subject of Journalism and Mass Communication may also be included in the list of the subjects to be offered in the next academic session. This subject has assumed greater importance particularly in the present era of globalization. It is also requested that a well-equipped Directorate of Public Relations be established which could bridge the gap between media and ICU on one hand and bring out ICU's newsletter, brochure and other such stuff on the other. -JANAN KHATTAK, Oxfor, UK, via e-mail, July 6.