KARACHI - The performance of Karachi Port Trust during the fiscal year 2007-08 registered a healthy trend, as exports of bulk cargo through Karachi Port depicted a massive increase of 80.37 percent, recording 4,243,608 metric tonnes as compared to the previous year. In year 2005-06, Karachi Port was able to handle 959,365 metric tonnes of bulk cargo with which if the comparison is made then the actual growth rate of bulk cargo exports from Karachi Port would be 342.33 percent. This happened mainly due to bulk exports of clinker and cement, which gained a momentum at Karachi Port and increased by191.43 percent and 213.25 percent respectively. In year 2005-06, Karachi Port handled 112,647 metric tonnes of bulk cement. Comparing it with this year, its handling has increased manifolds by 1878.32 percent. Besides cement and clinker in bulk, the port has handled rice (936,667 metric tonnes), sugar (13,036 metric tonnes) and coke (8,300 metric tonnes). Bulk cargo imports also showed improvements and registered an increase of 24.65 percent from corresponding period last year. This year, the port has handled fertilizer (1,486,512 metric tonnes), rock phosphate (477,071 metric tonnes), iron/scrap (160,854 metric tonnes) sulphur (2,500 metric tonnes), seeds (36,203 metric tonnes), cement (3,556,246 metric tonnes), yellow peas (10,700 metric tonnes), canola (144,746 metric tonnes) and wheat (473,384 metric tonnes). The dry general cargo exports handling this year closed at5,166,812 metric tonnes registering an increase of 43,87 percent. Last year the port had handled 3,591,211 metric tonnes of dry general cargo exports.