PESHAWAR (Agencies) - A top Taliban leader threatened Thursday to attack the NWFP government unless it quits after the Army launched an operation against militants in response to an ambush that killed 17 troops. A spokesman for Mehsud blamed the provincial government for military operations in Hangu and other frontier regions. Maulvi Umar said Taliban would not honour peace deals signed with provincial authorities and threatened violence if the NWFP administration, which came to power after Feb 18 elections, did not quit. "We will attack the provincial government and the ANP leaders after five days if they do not quit," he said, referring to the Awami National Party. NWFP Minister for Information Mian Iftikhar Hussain rejected the threat, saying the administration had a popular mandate. "We will not step down (based) on a threat from some individual," he said. "They are threatening to follow the path of violence, while we believe in peace." Iftikhar said that the present government was enjoying confidence of the majority of people and therefore would complete its constitutional term. Responding to news regarding threats to the provincial government by Baitullah Mehsud, the minister said that threats to such a democratic and peace-loving government was beyond understanding. He said that the government would not follow the dictates of the person, a group nor would step down. "We are for negotiations not for a single person or group rather our peace efforts are aimed at bringing peace for the whole nation and humanity", he maintained. Iftikhar said that anybody opposing peace talks and trying to make it a failure would be dealt with an iron hand and the government would be justified to take any step for establishing the writ of the government and maintaining law and order in the province. Meanwhile, the bloody shootout between two groups of Taliban believed to be pro and anti-government, left three persons dead while two others sustained critical injuries in restive Mohmand Agency on Thursday. Political Administration sources said the incident occurred at Khwezai area, some 30kms West of Agency Headquarters' Ghalanai when Taliban clashed with pro-government Taliban group when their leader Shah Saib refused to surrender to the demand of the other group calling for attack on government installations and bowing down to their command. During exchange of firing, three persons including local Taliban commander Nisar, Mansoor and Mamoor Khan were killed while another two wounded. Meanwhile, both the parties also claimed of kidnapping 21 persons of each other's groups. Moreover, two more people killed and six wounded in recent clashes between two rival sectarian organisations in Tirah valley of Khyber Agency. The supporters of Lashkar-i-Islam and Ansar-ul-Islam were using heavy weapons against each others' position in the strife-torn valley.