ISLAMABAD - The new National Internship Programme (NIP) batch would be enrolled in August as announced by the NIP management, but the miseries of the previous internees have not been addressed by the government. Recently, the Director General (DG) of NIP Ashiq Hussain Abassi told an official news agency that around 55,000 applications of unemployed youth are under scrutiny by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) and new batch would be enrolled in August. Apparently, the situation seems very encouraging but ground realities tell a different story altogether. Those internees who have completed their internships are still waiting for the internship certificates to be given to them. At one hand, the government is blowing its own trumpet of starting new batch of NIP; on the other hand, the internees that were inducted in the past are waiting for their internship certificates since ages. After every few days the management of NIP issues press releases with its officials taking pride in revealing that new batch would be launched soon. It seems that NIP management is nanve enough to be totally unaware of the miseries of previous internees or wise enough to conceal its flaws with a flavour of 'bureaucratic requirements'. The first batch of NIP completed its internship in April this year. Almost four months have passed but the government has not paid any heed to the passed-out internees, perhaps because they were inducted by the previous regime and are thus prone to political victimization. Many internees contacted 'TheNation' to register their complaints against the apathy of Establishment Division towards them. The internees working in Foreign Office have complaint about the prolonged delays in the payment of their stipends, along with lack of working space and worth mentioning tasks being assigned to them. Likewise, other internees that are placed in Railways, Economic Affairs and several other governmental organizations expressed their dissatisfaction over the attitude of Establishment Division towards them. An intern from the Foreign Office seeking anonymity told 'The Nation' that every month the internees that are working in Ministry of Foreign Affairs have to go through an irksome and lengthy technical procedure to get their stipends. The stipend bill is first prepared by foreign office and then it is sent to Establish Division. The Establishment Division after performing all the "Bureaucratic obligations" circulates this bill to Accountant General Pakistan Revenue (AGPR). Often the AGPR rejects the bill with some objections. The entire process takes about 20 days to one month and the sufferer of the entire situations are internees who get their stipends almost one month later than the due date. The officials of Foreign Office take it as a routine matter and do not seem interested to solve the problems of their internees. The government too, has turned a deaf ear towards the entire situation. "We have come from far fetched areas to join the Internship Programme to support our families. But the delays in our stipends are creating financial stress on our families. Instead of supporting them we are becoming a burden on our families", stated an internee working in Foreign office. Another internee added, "I am not son of a feudal lord or a land owner. My father is a poor man and I am working here to assist him financially. I cannot get a job anywhere since I am not influential. If stipend is given to me in time, it can save me from a lot of trouble". Also, most of the internees who are in twin cities come from far-flung areas are residing in hostels and rented flats here. The prolonged delays in their stipends creates immense problems for them since they cannot pay their hostel dues and rental fares in time. "The government should keep its political motives aside and address our grievances, we are not children of lesser Gods", stated a former internee who needs an internship certificate to be attached with his CV so that he could join the bandwagon of endless struggle of finding a job.