KARACHI - Pakistan Banking Association has expressed concern in its communique to the government through State Bank of Pakistan over the forced closure of MCB branches by some miscreants on Tuesday. The PBA said that forced closure of MCB branches in the city by a group of miscreants is alarming for the banking community. While the world's financial sector is going through a meltdown, the local banks have so far faired the bad weather quite well. However such incidents negatively affect the business environment of the country. The country at this time needs to brace itself to meet the economic challenges rather than be burdened by illegal and unwholesome activities. The banking sector is committed in supporting the government for revival of the economy. In this situation the government should not let miscreants spoil the already difficult environment. On July 3, a group of political workers backed by an ex-employee gathered in front of the MCB Tower and indulged in vandalism. They threatened the management to accept their illegal demands. Again on July 14, the same people used force to shutdown MCB branches in Karachi and damaged its property. The customers of the bank could not be serviced on July 14, which resulted in huge losses to them and to the bank. PBA has appealed that the government should curb interference by outsiders in banks affairs. "The banking sector has in the last few years contributed significantly to the economy in terms of employment and financial systems. Banks have generated large inflow of foreign investment through GDRs and more recently through the acquisition of shares. Incidences like these would result in distrust and loss of confidence in Pakistani financial market by foreign investors," PBA said.