ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Telecom Company Limited (PTCL) workers protest on its third day entered a complex phase with Company management trying to hoodwink both the workers and the media over the issues of thousands striking employees. The management on Thursday issued a loose letter signed by the Executive Vice President (Finance) of the Company claiming that it had decided to withdraw new Unified Pay Scales (UPS). Other than a small minority of the workers not more than 260 employees belonging to Malik Maqbool's union, majority of protesting employees rejected the loose letter. They demanded prudent revision of pay scales of as many as 23,000 employees affected by the UPS out of the total strength of the Company at around 40,000. The united union of the PTCL employees therefore vowed to continue strike until their demands were met. Waseem Minhas one of the workers' leaders told The Nation that they had invited their regional affiliate unions to the federal capital for mounting up their protest campaign. Other than withdrawal, the loose letter of the PTCL also stated, "As far as salaries of around 260 employees who reported for duty after the strike of the NCPG employees, it has been agreed that their salaries will be released immediately after they call off the strike and sincerely work for the betterment of the Company." The protesting employees alleged that the letter issued by the Company's Public Relations Department was fake and a mere deceptive technique. They also alleged that under the camouflage of releasing NCPG employees' salaries the management has been trying to bribe a certain group of the workers. Meanwhile EVP Public Relations Ali Qadir Gilani Thursday claimed that it was a genuine letter written after a late night compromise between the Management and the workers brokered by the District Administration. However, when TheNation asked for the copy of the letter he declined to provide it by using lame excuses. At the same time the EVP PR claimed that the issue had been resolved after the issuance of this letter and calling off the strike by the workers. He insisted that those who called off the strike, not more than a couple of hundred workers, were in majority as against thousands who rejected the letter and vowed to continue the gates locking strike. The representatives of the employees were of the view that both the regular as well as daily wagers more than half in number of the total strength of the Company were being deprived of pay scales revision since 2005. They belied the PTCL's proclaimed letter of withdrawal saying that the EVP Finance had nothing to do with such a letter. "Ismail Tahaa, the Member Human Resource of the PTCL had issued the Unified Pay Scales and any withdrawal letter should be from the incumbent and that too on an official letterhead of the Company," Waseem Minhas maintained.