PESHAWAR - Continuing operation against the alleged Taliban militants in Hangu district on the second consecutive day (Thursday), the security forces claimed to have cleared several more areas and handed over their control to police force. "The forces successfully entered Naryab, Tora Wari, Gulistan and  Zargari," District Police Officer Mohammad Idrees told TheNation. He said that the situation was under control and the security forces were building up pressure against the alleged militants in the region. The security forces initiated military action against the alleged militants in different areas of Hangu late Wednesday afternoon. Besides targeting the suspected hideouts of the alleged Taliban fighters, the gunship helicopters were also taking part in the operation. It is believed that almost all the leading militants have already slipped into inaccessible regions of the NWFP and adjacent tribal areas. Though exact details of casualties and arrests during the operation are not available, the local tribesmen have confirmed that three women were injured when a house was hit by mortar in Dawaba area. Similarly, the tribesmen have also confirmed explosions in different areas from where almost all the dwellers have already migrated to safe and peaceful areas. The authorities informed that during the operation, the forces occupied the house of Nabi M Hanifi, District Chief of Taliban. Hanifi belongs to Aurakzai tribe and has already shifted to an unknown place. The local people informed that due to military action and imposition of curfew, there exists acute shortage of edible items. All roads are closed for traffic. Bazaars and shopping centres are shuttered. The tense situation in Hangu has also affected the tribesmen from adjacent Aurakzai and Kurram Agencies. Due to closure of roads and bazaars, supplies to the adjacent tribal areas are also halted for the last several days causing serious problems. It may be mentioned here that the situation in Hangu worsened some nine days back when the police netted seven militants along with two vehicles. Later, the militants  attacked a convoy of the Frontier Constabulary causing a loss of 16 lives. In the wake of such attack, the authorities concerned have refused to talk to the militants and decided to take stern action against them. Even the government has rejected the mediation offer by a three-member jirga comprising MNA, MPA and district Nazim. The security forces have taken control of Gulistan and Zargai areas, located in north of Hangu and Doaba respectively, ISPR spokesman said Thursday. He said the operation against the miscreants will continue till their complete ouster from the areas. He said the civil administration called in military for maintaining peace and law and order after killing of 17 FC personnel and attacks on FC posts in Shinwari area. Army spokesman Maj-Gen Athar Abbas said forces, backed by helicopter gunships, drove out militants from the town of Zargari, and were advancing to other militant hideouts nearby. "We have cleared those areas of militants where they attacked and killed our soldiers," Abbas said.