ISLAMABAD - The dilapidated condition of roads in Margalla Town (Phase II) is contradicting tall claims of Capital Development Authority (CDA) of providing modern urban amenities to the residents of the federal capital. The roads, which have been shattered by the monsoon rains demonstrate the CDA's negligence regarding the provision of basic infrastructure facilities associated with modern urban life. On the other hand, the same point at the quality of civil works that the civic body has carried out in what is called a model town. Certainly, the situation in Margalla Town is not different than other areas of the capital city where the roads are surfaced on annual basis, as the same can't go through the monsoon rains. During a visit to the area on Thursday, TheNation observed that the roads in the town were torn twice in every single meter length. While taking a round of the town, this scribe experienced a hundred of jolts in ditches made straight in middle of the roads, which were filled with stagnant rainwater. One Muhammad Tufail, whose house was under construction in the area, said that the shattered roads had created great problems for all the people, but he said those who were building their houses in the town were suffering much more. Supplying heavy construction material for under-construction houses is very difficult due to the torn out roads, said Tufail, adding that the task gets much difficult when it is raining too. It is pertinent to mention here that CDA had developed the town on the principle of a model town, but never looked back to the area once it was developed. A number of residents also complained about the large-scale excavation of mud from a seasonal nullah down the town for construction of roads in other parts of the city. The residents feared of danger to their houses in case of heavy rainfall in monsoon season. However, the civic body was seen erecting strong retention walls along the side of the nullah, where from excavation of mud had been temporarily stopped due to heavy rains for the last two weeks. The residents also complained about the longer-than-expected delay in development of the nearby park and pointed to the main double roads where raptures had been appeared after the recent spell of the monsoon. Interestingly, the roads has been renovated very recently at cost of million of rupees. "There is no quality control", said an aged resident of the area, adding that everyone was milking the national exchequer without been checked.