WASHINGTON - A Washington-based lobbyist for the Sikh cause has called on the eleven Sikh members of Indian parliament, belonging to different parties, to vote against the Indo-US nuclear deal, as it was against the interests of Punjab, "the Sikh Homeland." "Forget about Manmohan Singh (the Indian prime minister) being a Sikh," Dr Amarjit Singh, the lobbyist, said in a statement on Thursday. He pointed that the Sikh prime minister could not even arrange to open the corridor to Gurdwara Kartarpur Sahib, on the Indo-Pakistan border, in response to "Pakistan's eight years old magnanimous offer of visa-free visit for Sikh yatrees." Dr Amarjit Singh regretted that no Punjabi leader, elected or self-appointed, with the exception of Sirdar Simranjit Singh Mann, has had "the moral courage to stand up and state the incontrovertible fact that the safety of Punjab, its shrines and its inhabitants, their children and their children, lies in a nuclear free South Asia". The statement noted that China, which is obviously monitoring the Indian debate on the Indo-US Nuke deal, has delivered a "deliberate snub" to the Prime Minister and President of India, by not inviting them to join eighty other heads of state to the August opening of the World Olympics in Beijing. Dr Amarjit said China's snub reflected Beijing 's displeasure with the deal.