ISLAMABAD  - Speakers here at a seminar held at Centre for Media and Communication Studies International Islamic University unanimously linked freedom of media imperative for securing democratic norms in any country. The seminar entitled "Media Law and Ethics-Practices and Challenges" was addressed by media related personalities. The participants were of the opinion that there should be a self regulatory body comprising senior journalists, editors, lawyers, academicians, producers, civil society and media professionals, who could frame a code of conduct for the private media channels. Dr Manzoor Ahmad, Rector, International Islamic University, stressed the need for awareness of media laws and ethics amongst journalist, academics, media students as well as the general public for a healthy debate on the issue. Misbah Saboohi advocate said the PEMRA ordinance should be streamlined by the independent judicial body. Dr Robert Jensen, Associate Professor, University of Texas, Austin, USA, gave an international perspective on the issue of ethics in terms of the media industry. He stressed that freedom of expression was not absolute and a consensus of all stakeholders should be reached in terms of any legislation being formulated.