UNITED NATIONS: - The UN Security Council has condemned "in the strongest possible terms" the July 8 attack on UN-African Union (AU) peacekeepers in Sudan's Darfur. In a statement issued on Wednesday, the 15-member body expressed its concern that the largest ever attack on the force so far was "premeditated, deliberate and intended to inflict casualties." According to the statement read by this month's president, Vietnam's UN Ambassador Le Luong Minh, the attack that resulted in the death of seven peacekeepers and the wounding of 22 others was an "unacceptable act of extreme violence." A military and police convoy of the AU-UN Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID) was ambushed in Um Hakiba by 200 fighters on horses and in 40 vehicles, using sophisticated weaponry and tactics. In its presidential statement, the council underlined its determination to take action against those responsible after hearing the outcome of UNAMID's investigation, also underlining that attacks on UN peacekeepers during an armed conflict could constitute war crimes. It called on the government of Sudan to do its utmost to ensure that the perpetrators of the attack would be swiftly identified and brought to justice. The council stressed that any attack or threat against UNAMID was unacceptable, and demanded that there be no reoccurrence.