ISLAMABAD - The jubilant Ministry of Environment on setting the world record of maximum tree plantation in a single day has proposed August 18 , 2009 as the First National Tree Plantation Day with a view to increase the forest cover in the country and preserve the depleting forest resources. On 15th July, 2009 300 local people of Keti Bundar(District Thatta) wrote a new history by smashing Indian Armys record by planting 541,176 plants and made Pakistan the top scorer in the World. While briefing the media men on Friday, the Federal Minister for Environment Hameed Ullah Jan Afridi congratulated the whole nation. The Minister said that Pakistan has established a new world record of planting more trees in 24 hours by a team of 300 people. Would you recollect that I had announced in 2008 about setting the World Record of tree plantation, at that time many people had perceived it as a mere dream and unlikely to be realised, today I feel proud by announcing that Pakistan has ultimately achieved it, the minister added. He continued that the Guinness World Record has accepted our claim and they have officially declared Pakistan, as the winner of the Guinness World Record. This record is not our final destination, the minister said, further adding that as the Ministry is set to declare 18th August 2009 as National Tree Plantation Day. On this Day, mass tree plantation will be carried all by all segments of society throughout the country. I anticipate that tree planting by all citizens of Pakistan shall become a regular activity on 18th August every year, he noted. Besides, he maintained that our mega programme of Forestry Sector, which is being sponsored by Ministry of Environment in all the provinces and FATA would bring about a real positive change in national forest resources and Pakistan expects to achieve MDG targets by the year 2015. He said that Forest Department, Government of Sindh had shown keenness for active participation in this event of international fame. It is to be mentioned here that Director, Fresh Water Programme, Lifengli, WWF International has written a recognition letter to the Federal Minister for Environment and lauded his commitment and dedication to promoting conservation, sustainable management and restoration of Pakistans wetlands and particularly for galvanizing massive action to plant 541, 176 mangroves tress in the Indus Delta Ramsar site at Keti Bundar.