LAHORE - The Lahore Bachao Tehreek has opposed the commercialisation of 58 roads in the City, saying that the LDAs step of allowing commercial activity would add additional burden on infrastructure besides creating environmental hazards. LDA has recently invited public proposals regarding allowing commercial activity on its 58 roads. Addressing a press conference here at Lahore Press Club on Friday, LBT representatives Kamal Khan Mumtaz, Imrana Tiwana, Rafay Alam, Erum Aftab and Dr Ejaz Anwar said that LDAs action was illegal, irresponsible and harmful to environment, economy and welfare of the City. They said the proposed commercialisation would have impacts on traffic, waste management, existing and future public transport systems and the provision of other utilities and could not be undertaken by law, without an environment impact assessment (EIA). They said land-use zoning, building heights, set-backs, floor area ratios and other building rules and regulations, street widths, nature of traffic and parking provisions were all highly technical matters of urban planning by traffic engineering and management experts on the basis of physical and socio-economic surveys, data analysis and projection for populations and these matters should not be subjected to arbitrary and ad hoc decisions based on 'subjective polls. Designating certain streets as 'commercial in the LDA lexicon meant changing the building regulations governing the properties abutting those streets, permitting greater building heights, larger floor area ratios, more car parking provisions. The result was replacement of planned development with urban chaos, which leads to unsustainable loads on urban infrastructure including electricity, water supply, sewerage and increased vehicular traffic, noise and air pollution. They said the beneficiaries of ad hoc commercialisation were LDA that collects commercialisation fee and the speculative property developers who took profit from the 'investment opportunities. The LDA has had commissioned a series of master plans, urban development and traffic studies and master plan updates, all of which included clear policies and plans for the development of commercial land -use areas and zones in both urban renewal and urban expansion areas. The location and nature of commercial development should be according to these policies and plans and not according to arbitrary and ad hoc decisions based on subjective opinion polls. The public interest groups 'considered recommendations should be taken into account while reviewing policies and plans in the light of changing circumstances. Referring to the recent reports regarding the chief ministers directives to reconsider the widening of Canal Bank Road, the LBT reiterated its stance that the Lahore Canal was one of the worlds greatest recreational avenues and it should be declared a no-go zone with respect to commercialisation. The LBT representatives pointed out that under the law, no such road-widening project could proceed without an EIA and a public hearing. Issueless woman commits suicide A newly-married woman committed suicide on Friday by shooting herself in the temple in the jurisdiction of Akbari Gate police on Friday. The police said the girl identified as Ayesha Bibi committed suicide as her in-laws used to taunt her over her failure to give birth to a child. Saleem Butt, father of deceased told the police that Ayesha was tied knot with one Nauman, resident of Wapda Town about one year ago. But after their marriage, the couple used to exchange hot words over issue of having no child. Ultimately, Ayesha left her residence and came back to her parents house in Akbari Gate area. On Friday, She confined herself in the room and committed suicide with his fathers pistol and died on the spot. The police handed over the body to the deceased family and are investigating the case.