ISLAMABAD - The Capital Development Authority (CDA) must allocate at least 300 to 400 busses for the proposed metro bus service to ensure comfortable services to the twin city commuters.

Parliamentary Secretary for Cabinet and Establishment Division, Khurram Jehangir Wattoo said this on Tuesday.

Addressing the CDA officials after attending a briefing on the working of the civic agency, Wattoo expressed his annoyance over the lackadaisical approach of the officials in submitting written replies of the queries of the National Assembly members and Senators.

He directed the CDA to be careful in future and promptly answer the queries of Parliamentarians in a precise manner. He directed the CDA officials to examine constructing a resort and five-star hotel at top of Margalla hills and to also explore the possibility of installing a chair lift in the capital.

Earlier the officials of the CDA briefed the parliamentary secretary over the working of the civic agency. They said a total of 15,000 persons are working in the CDA in various capacities. CDA has planned to bring 60 busses for Metro Bus Service initially. Capital city was facing the shortage of 550,00 housing units. The capital has demand of 180,000 housing units while it has only 125,000 housing units. Private Housing Societies have been allowed to help overcoming housing shortage in the capital.

A total of 5,076 cases of various natures are pending. The CDA plans to plant one million saplings during current financial year including 500,000 during spring and 500,000 saplings autumn season. The rate of survival of the saplings is 50 to 60 percent.

CDA maintains 173 parks including two ladies and 22 jogging tracks. A plan has been devised to expand railway track form I-9 to Faisal mosque.

Two new sectors C-15 and C-16 would be launched soon. About 37 filtration plants are working in the capital. The city was facing water-shortage. From 40 to 50 percent water is wasted due to various reasons including obsolete pipelines, the parliamentary secretary was told.