FaceApp program which recently got an enormous hit and became viral over the internet has commented on its privacy policy. The policy addresses concern of millions of people who have used the app's filters to look 40-50 years older in pictures.

According to the official statement, "All FaceApp features are available without logging in, and you can log in only from the settings screen. As a result, 99% of users don't log in; therefore, we don't have access to any data that could identify a person".

According to the statement, the program performs most of the photo processing in the cloud, using only a photo selected by a user for editing and never transfers any other images from the phone in question.

FaceApp has also stressed that it is always open to accept any request from users to remove all their data from their servers.

It is pertinent to mention that US Senators urged the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission to assess the dangers of the FaceApp program, claiming that users’ personal data could find its way into the hands of third parties, including the Russian government.