Islamabad- All Pakistan Tenure Track Faculty Association called for ending victimisation and termination of TTS faculty in universities.A statement issued by APTTA said that a meeting of the association was held with its president Dr Ishfaq Khan in the chair to discuss the problems of TTS faculty in universities. In the meeting, it was highlighted that universities teachers were working hard to promote research culture and quality education even having lack of facilities for such tasks in different universities of the country.

The statement said that aim of the faculty was to meet the international quality standard for research and education, and it is essential that policies related to higher education be well defined and refined in a way that contented the faculty across the Pakistan.  In the meeting, it was stressed that some universities were victimizing and terminating faculty members, especially those on Tenure Track System.

 (TTS), by finding gaps in the policies introduced by Higher Education Commission (HEC) for TTS time to time, said the statement.

TTS was introduced by the HEC approximately two decades ago but still it needs a lot of necessary improvements. The main aim of the system was to advance the quality of research and education in all the universities by providing good job structure and income benefits.

But contrarily, the pay of TTS faculty was not increase from last four years and there are issues which need serious attentions of the higher authorities. It includes termination from service, lack of pension policy, disturbed leave policy, distressed research publications policy for social sciences, failure of uniform implantation of TTS rules in different universities.

The cabinet members and president FAPUASA showed serious concerns on all these issues especially to victimization and terminations of TTS faculty in different universities of Pakistan.

 President APTTA and president FAPUASA agreed to meet chairman HEC on the concern issues. They demanded the resolutions of problems and stated that the termination, due salary increase, and pension policy are the burning issue and need resolution on priority. In case of failure of the resolutions to such problems, they have the right to protest.