ISLAMABAD   -  Pakistan People’s Party yesterday accused the government of victimising the opposition in an attempt to hide its alleged failures.

Speaking at a news conference, PPP Secretary Information Maula Bux Chandio along with Nazir Dhoki and Wasif Syed, rejected the government’s claims that Asif Ali Zardari had benami (factious) properties.

He challenged the government that instead of holding press conferences it should approach courts.

Chandio said that opposition had the numbers and Chairman Senate will be from opposition.

“Government has miserably failed in all fronts and just to hide its failure is busy in blame game against PPP leadership,” he said.

He said that Zardari visited foreign countries and every trip and its expenses were legal. He claimed this government did not give any relief to people and people will rise against this government soon.

Chandio said the entire country and people from every profession will soon be on roads against this government like the traders and businessmen recently closed down their businesses protesting against government policies. The PPP leader said that prices increase when the petrol, electricity and gas prices and tariffs are increased.

He said Prime Minister Imran Khan used to demand resignation of railways minister after any accident but now even after several accidents his railway minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed had not resigned.