Though Google has apologized after images of Indian Prime Minister, which showed up last week as one of the top 10 criminals in the world, however, will this apology be good enough to hide the criminal back ground of Mr. Modi? Some of the prominent criminals who appeared along with Modi were George Bush, Osama bin Laden, Muammar Gaddafi, Anthony Garcia and Joseph Kony. We understand why Google apologised so quickly, obviously it doesn’t want to upset a sitting prime minister of a country of over 1 billion population, it’s an issue of business, not of principle but does it matter if someone is a sitting authority; shall we forget what they did in the past?

Remember, Modi was earlier denied US visa, due to his role as chief minister during Gujarat riots of 2002 but the restrictions were lifted when he became India’ Prime Minister. But the ghosts of those who were killed, burned, injured, maimed, looted after the riots have nothing to do with business etiquettes or foreign governments’ political limitations.

In fact, Google has given Modi a clean chit for his role in the riots; making it a search engine’ metadata’ erroneous feature. Thousands of Modi’ supporters took to the social media to express their anger, asking for Google to apologise. In my opinion, it was just a reality check. Since he became prime minister, he is bent upon proving what Google ‘erroneously’ reflected. In fact Modi is leading religious extremists on both sides of the border and he has given a new lease of life to religious extremists in Pakistan. Sure, no one likes the truth especially if at fault; because truth always bites.


Saudi Arab, June 13.