This has now become a vicious circle, an alarming news about water crisis appears in the papers and The Nation promptly puts out an editorial, pulling up the Govt for its inaction, no attempt is made to find out the reasons that are paralyzing the Government, whether or not there is need for educating the public opinion on this crucial matter, whether or not the press has a more concrete role to play. While they plan such large scale bus systems they ignore the most basic of need, water.

The intelligentsia on its part is content to curse the Govt, the politicians or whoever comes to mind without trying to delve deeper into the problem. The couple of octogenarians who keep ringing the alarm bells will soon come to the end of their innings and the country will keep paying the price for the ignorance of those who think that dams rob provinces of their due share of water and must not be built. Pakistan is going dry and we are wallowing in our ignorance. We all need to stand and make a fight for our survival but who to ask to start?


Lahore, June 15.