ISLAMABAD-‘Climate Launchpad’, the world’s leading green business ideas competition started here on Monday which is for the first time introduced in Pakistan to help aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their green ideas into global businesses.

The competition welcomed innovations in renewable energy, energy efficiency, food and agriculture, water, transportation, industrial technology or any other way to tackle climate change.

Speaking on the occasion, Federal Minister of State for Climate Change Zartaj Gul said that addressing negative impacts of climate change and supporting sustainable industrial development through innovation and invention was the need of hour.

She said that a green and clean future demanded thousands of innovative challenges, current business models and investing in ideas and entrepreneurs as it is the way to go about it.

Hira Wajahat, project manager at Stimulus and Pakistan National Lead for ‘Climate Launchpad’ said, “We believe that Pakistan’s vulnerability to climate change can only be resolved when we play an active role as climate-conscious citizens and take responsible action through active climate leadership”. She said, “We have received 100 applications so far for the programme from across Pakistan addressing solutions to challenges in agriculture, healthcare, energy efficiency, water and waste management.”