KARACHI - A large number of PTI workers and civil society members staged a protest against privatisation of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) and blocked the National Highway on Saturday.

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) workers, Insaf Labor Union and the PTI Labor Wing staged a protest demo at the Jinnah gate of the Pakistan Steel Mills and closed down the National Highway for one hour as a symbolic the sit-in.

The PTI workers and citizens took part in the demo and the sit-in and raised slogans against the privatisation of the the steel mills and PIA. They also raised slogans against the sitting regime.

PTI Sindh chapter president Dr Arif Alvi, Senior Executive Vice President Haleem Adil Sheikh, PTI Labor Wing Yaseen Jamro, PTI Labor Wing Sindh President Gul Namroze Khan, and PTI Malir President Dr Masroor Siyal led the really.

Addressing the demo, Dr Alvi said that the rulers instead of giving pending salaries to the workers want to give the employees golden handshake and privatize the Pakistan Steel Mills, PIA and other state-run entities.

Condemning the statements of Daniyal Aziz and Miftah Ismail, he said the government wants to sell the national institutions to their cronies for peanuts. He said the Ittefaq Foundry and other private mills could run but they want to sell the government entities.

He said if the rulers did not withdraw the announcement of the privatisation, they would stage the sit-in on the main railway line, airport and the governor house.

PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh said that the national institutes are property of the nation. He said the Pakistan Muslim League-N want to sell the national institutions for sake of its own agenda.

He said the sitting rulers before leaving the government want to privatise everything, but we will not allow them to sell Pakistan.

He said the rulers have made of package to buy one government entity and take another for free. He said the rulers have made a mockery of the national entities that is shameful.

He said we will not allow selling the national entities on throwaway prices. He said the PTI after coming into power will make Pakistan Steel Mills and PIA profitable. He said the thieve rulers want to render the workers jobless.

They first stopped their salaries and then cut their power and gas supplies and now they want to starve these workers and their families.

He said that the sitting rulers do not want to serve the country but to maximize their personal wealth, loot the government resources and shift this money abroad. He said; however, the masses now have fully understood these dirty tricks of rulers.