LAHORE- A 19-year-old motorcyclist was wounded critically when the string of a stray kite slit his throat near Shama bus-stop on the Ferozpur Road, rescue workers said on Sunday.

The injured was identified by police as Naeem, a resident of Gulberg. The youth riding on a motorcycle was on his way when the accident took place on the main Ferozpur Road early Sunday. The victim was shifted to the Service Hospital in critical condition. The police were investigating the incident.

Sunday’s kite string related accident was the third such incident in Lahore during the last three days. Earlier, two people were wounded in similar incidents in Green Town and Township areas.

Many people routinely defy the ban on kite-flying on the weekend in Lahore despite police crackdowns. Two persons died in kite flying related incident in the metropolis two months ago. The non-stop police raids have virtually failed to stop kite flying in the provincial metropolis.