In European history, the Enlightenment Period helped question everyone’s views of the world which were based on religious faith, magical superstition, custom and tradition. It attempted to challenge traditional beliefs. Through reason and science, the Enlightenment, followed by the French Revolution and the Industrial Revolution brought about a radical change in the way people thought. Changing views is not easy, especially the views of the masses. Results of the changing views are seen once norms and values start to alter.

A sociological theorist, August Comte argued that all human societies pass through three stages; the theological, where order was based on religious beliefs and controls, the metaphorical, a ‘transition phase’ characterized by upheaval and disorder, where the old religious order was challenged by the emergence of science, and lastly, the positive, where science and reason revealed the nature of the social world and replaced religion as the basis of social order.

Now based on this theory, Pakistan is currently in the first phase of societal progression. While we try hard to adopt western ideal and views, most of our thinking is quite primitive even now. But the question is, is that a bad thing? Gradually even Pakistan, The Islamic State, will progress towards secularization.

The scale of what is acceptable is constantly changing and the only way to move is forward. Conservatives will obviously always be entitled to their own opinions but clinging to them will not make them stick. Eventually Pakistan will become secular and there is plenty of time left until that happens but attacking each other, showing hate towards any part of our nation will not help. Pakistan and its citizens need to understand that regardless of creed,  colour, gender, class, or any such difference, we are all a part of one nation and we need to own up to every part of one nation and accept it as our own. Making a particular sect feel like an outcast will not change anything, it will just create instability within our country and hinder it from progressing.

Our current government is exactly what we need for this country to prosper and progress. The leaders we have selected do not act in personal gain as they have in past, but are doing what is best for the country, which is at times the hardest thing to do. For example in the latest Indian conflict where they sent jets to bomb our land, any leader would consider the right thing to do as striking back, and at the very least, beheading the pilot.

Imran Khan however thought of the country’s best interests and acted calmly, in a very docile and composed manner, treated the pilot with respect and did not fire back because he knew it would spark a war. So the country’s interests were favoured rather than a foolish brash move that everyone was pushing for that would have resulted in a full scale war and many casualties. The government is working towards improving the country, moving it forward at the cost of people’s criticism, which they are taking well.

The Punjab provincial government has also introduced many new reforms since their election in a bill that was releases in December 2018. The bills included Right to Services, Punjab Skills Development Authority, Domestic Workers Bill and amendments to the Tevta Act and the Industries Act.The following additions and amendments will help students find jobs and improve their studies, also protecting workers, especially domestic help,by registering all of them and providing them with defined rights for the first time in provincial history. It is also bring said that the Punjab government will announce a portal with the graduates of all public educational institutes for the job market to help companies find employees and students find work. All of these reforms show how much the current government is trying to change this country and bring about something good for the people. From what it seems like, Pakistan TehreekEInsaaf will do justice by its people and its country, and we are looking forward to a bright future for this country if left in good hands.