FAISALABD-Director General FDA Muhammad Suhail Khawaja has directed for following the preventive and safety measures to avert the threat of coronavirus in the main and sub offices of FDA and WASA. He issued a letter to the sectional heads of FDA and WASA in this regard and said that all employees must wash hands upon arrival prior to joining their work place.

He advised that employees should not shake hands or embarrass with each other and any person of public. He directed that the floors and work surfaces of office rooms and the premises as well as work place should be disinfected with anti infected materials repeatedly at least twice a day during working hours.

The Director General FDA urged upon taking steps for disinfecting the door knobs, handles at all major entrances, office rooms including floor and work surfaces of the reception, institution area windows, taps and knobs across the premises.

He stressed that ACs in the offices must be switched, doors and necessary windows be opened for fresh air to maintain room temperature for time being. He told that the biomatric system of employees attendance had already stopped as a safety measures from coronavirus.

He directed for displaying the banners, boards, notices pertaining to the preventive and precautionary measures details on the conspicuous places of the all offices for the awareness and information of general public.

The Director General maintained that the precautionary measures should be observed strictly while in offices, during travelling in transport and homes of every employee.

He added that any family member of any employee found suspect of coronavirus should be reported to the health department or authorities concerned immediately.