LAHORE - Parliament should approve 19th amendment for creation of Hazara province and the members belonging to Hazara division should resign if they fail to bring the stated amendment in the lower house and join the Hazara province movement, say leaders of Hazara division. Chief of Hazara Movement Sardar Haider Zaman, former speaker National Assembly Gauher Ayub Khan, former district nazim Abbotabad Sardar Muhammad Yusuf, Mushtaq Ghani and Junaid Qasim Shah expressed these views at The Nation, Nawa-i-Waqt and Waqt News forum at Aiwan-i-Waqt on Monday. They said all the political forces of Hazara were behind the Hazara province movement in the leadership of Sardar Haider Zaman, while the federal government had not contacted them so far to address their grievances. The govts failure to submit to their demand of Hazara province will compel the leaders of Hazara province movement to launch a phase-wise anti-government campaign. In the first phase a pen-down strike would be launched while the second phase would be of a civil disobedience movement in which people would stop paying utility bills, the leaders said. Sardar Haider Zaman said the government respecting the sentiments of the people of Hazara should help get the 19th amendment approved from the Parliament in order to create Hazara province. He said people of Hazara had not given their leaders the mandate to accept the name of Pakhtunkhawa. He said Nawaz Sharif brokered a deal with Asif Zardari for eliminating the bar on third time premiership, while Zardari struck a deal with ANP regarding NRO. He said Sarhadi Gandhi projected Pakhtunkhawa in 1947, while his successors in ANP added fuel to the fire on the issue of Pakhtunkhawa. He said the movement for creation of Hazara province was continued and people knew Nawaz Sharif willingly sold the sentiments of Hazara people. Sardar Haider claimed PML-N MNA Sardar Mehtab Abbasi had sent his resignation to Nawaz Sharif but the people of Hazara would not forgive him for his betrayal not even after Abbasis resignation. Gauher Ayub said Surkhposh were in power in the frontier province and they demanded accession with India, which was rejected by the British government and a referendum was held for deciding the fate of the province and majority of the people opted for Pakistan. He said Ghaffar Khan proposed Pakhtunkhawa as the third option, which was rejected by a vast majority of people of the province and family of Ghaffar Khan was not pro-Pakistani. Gauher said Pakhtunkhawa was not on the agenda of ANP in the elections of 2008 and they were misleading the people saying resolutions were lying in the provincial assembly regarding Pakhtunkhawa, as fulfilling the resolutions of the assembly for a issue like this was not necessary. He said Hazara province would be a self-sufficient province, which could produce 120,00 MW electricity from Sindh River while it could produce 4,000 MW by building a dam at Thakot. Gauher warned the government for complete wheel-jam strike in Hazara division if the government did not expressed its readiness for creating Hazara province. He said the government should also listen to and consider the demands of southern Punjab and Balochistan for creating more provinces. Sardar Muhammad Yusuf said district nazims of Abbottbad, Manshera, Haripur and Peshawar had presented anti-Pakhtunkhawa resolutions in mammoth conventions but the leaders of PML-N and PPP sold the sentiments of Hazara people by striking a deal with ANP and included Pakhtunkhawa in the 18th amendment. Mushtaq Ghani said Muslim Leaguers in the leadership of Quaid-i-Azam had buried the theory of Pakhtunkhawa in 1947, while PML-N under the command of Nawaz Sharif had buried the Two-Nation Theory. He warned federation might have to face serious consequences if Hazara division is not converted into a province, as the people of this division supported the idea of Pakistan, while ANP opposed it. Junaid Qasim Shah people of Hazara were being deprived of their rights for the last 63 years and this sense of deprivation could only be addressed by creating Hazara province. He said they were fighting a war with the supporters of Pakhtunkhawa and followers of foreign agenda.