LAHORE- After a few days interim relief to the masses, the Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) has again resorted to 4 to 6 hours load shedding in the urban areas while 10 to 12 hours power outages have begun in the rural localities as the power shortfall crossed 2500-MW, sources said on Monday. Sources said that despite implementing tough energy conservation measures including two weekly holidays and closure of markets before 8:00 pm in the country, the authorities have unleashed 6 to 8 hours unscheduled load shedding in the big cities, multiplying the miseries of the people during hot weather. According to Pepco officials, the power shortfall swelled to 2548-MW on Monday as the total generation was recorded at 12538-MW against the demand of 15086-MW. Official sources believed that the due to considerable rise in temperature the electricity demanded has increased to 15086-MW, which was recorded at 14205-MW on May 12. The hydle generation reached to 4632-MW while thermal generation was recorded at 2337-MW and the Independent Power Producers added 5485-MW in the national grid. However, the Rental Power Projects added 84-MW electricity in the system. Local residents have strongly criticised the government for its failure to overcome electricity crisis despite taking several energy conservations and said that unscheduled load shedding is badly affecting the routine life during hot weather particularly during the night hours. We thought that the government has managed to end the menace of load shedding as the consumers were provided relief for few days in this regard. But once again the load shedding has become order of the day, Muhammad Khan, a resident of Iqbal Town commented, when contacted. Mushtaq Ahmed, a schoolteacher, said that the government is destroying the businesses by implementing energy conservation measures, which includes early closure of markets and two-weekly holiday. Despite all this, the government has failed to overcome energy crisis, he added. Traders also strongly criticised the authorities for resorting to long spell of power outages once again. They warned the government that they would not close down markets before 8:00 pm if the government did not end the menace of load shedding.