ISLAMABAD National Accountability Bureau officials closely associated with the investigation into the Bank of Punjab Scam, and its main player Hameesh Khan said that the scam was much bigger and the embezzled amount associated with the bank was much more than Rs. 9 billion linked to the out of turn loan granted to Haris Steel Mills. These officials, on the condition of anonymity, further informed that the embezzled amount could exceed to Rs. 60 billion, adding that a number of prominent political figures and top bureaucrats could be found involved in the whole affair. Sources informed that some top political families could fall in line, as Hameesh Khan could cough up the names of all those who had been benefiting from the Bank of Punjab, primarily during the Musharraf era. Some sources aware of these developments, informed that Hameesh Khan was closely associated with the then President Gen. Pervez Musharraf and during his heydays, he had studded his office with his photographs with Gen. Musharraf, depicting his closeness with the General. Sources further revealed that actually the loan sanctioned for Haris Steel Mills was 45 billion rupees, and the owners of the mills Sh. Haris and other directors had just availed some Rs. 9 billion of the sanctioned loan. The officials dealing with the case said that the Bank of Punjab scam was much bigger than it was surfaced and the total embezzled loans could exceed the limit of Rs. 60 billion. A number of top politicians and bureaucrats could be found involved in the whole affair, they added. Some political sources unveiled that NAB officials were trying to make Hameesh Khan approver in the case, so that they could easily proceed against all big shots who had embezzled the public money in the name of loans.