LAHORE - The proverb Pakistan-China friendship is higher than the Himalayan tops is depicted off and on by the warmth and enthusiasm shown by the nationals of both the countries whenever there is an opportunity to meet. This came true on the occasion when a 26-member delegation of Sichuan University led by Mr Shijian, Vice-President of the University, visited the Punjab University on Monday for signing MoU for mutual exchange visits of scholars and students. The exchange of sentiments was seen all around during the visits to various departments and at the briefing sessions as well as in the luncheon at PU Executive Club served in the honour of Chinese delegates. The heart to heart free and frank discussions, exchange of smiles and warm responses to the intimate questions without any hesitation were hallmark of the sitting. There was no formality and no hesitation except a spirit to boost and cement the brotherly ties between the two countries. Everybody felt visibly moved while talking and exchanging views. The Chinese looked as if they were sitting at their second home with old and trustworthy friends whom they can open their heart and talk without any reservations. Reciprocating their gesture the Vice-Chancellor of the University, Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran, faculty members, senior officials and media men also had a friendly chat with the Chinese guests at the luncheon. They got mixed up with each other shrugging off all formalities. The Chinese were very happy and amazed by the hospitality and devotion shown to them, making them realise that Sino-Pak friendship was not only time-tested but un-surmountable by anything. An impartial observer could not resist remarking that the meeting of two people has vanished away geographical boundaries and distance and it appears that two friendly nations have humbled down the height of Himalaya by their emotional attachment with each other. Surely the visit to Punjab University will open new vistas of friendship between the scholars and students of both countries and a milestone in the strong friendship ties between the two countries. A PU teacher also could not resist his temptation to offer on the spot offer to send instantaneously a Chinese teacher to teach Chinese classes at the PU Oriental College.