ISLAMABAD Appreciating the revival of MMA, Chief of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam Maulana Fazalur Rehman has warned that his party would no more be part of the coalition government, if the incumbent government fails to implement his partys manifesto. Talking in Waqt TV programme 'Barwaqt on Monday and later to TheNation, Maulana Fazl said when JUI-F became part of the incumbent government; we had made our viewpoint clear to the PPP. We never compromised on party agenda and this is the reason that my party despite being a part of the government is close to the opposition, he said. Talking about revival of MMA, he said it is a positive step and the people of Pakistan are happy with this decision. He added that the deactivation of MMA favoured secular parties. To a question, he said he will not blame any party within the MMA for its dissolution as every party has its on viewpoint. Today all member parties of the MMA have realised that who took advantage of the deactivation of the Alliance. Now again we will have to build confidence on each other to reactive MMA, he said. To another question, Maulana said whenever religious parties make a coalition or become active in politics, some segments allege that Establishment is activating them. He also rejected the impression that Jamat-e-Islami has imposed a condition for JUI-F to first separate from the government and then to revive MMA. Talking about the JUI-F role in Parliament, he said, We defended the Islamic laws in the Constitutional Reform Committee meetings and never allowed to make amendments in these laws. Talking about the policy of JUI-F on war on terror, he said his party had brought a resolution against war on terror in the Parliament and it was the duty of the government to implement it. The opposition should raise the voice aginst US but media, PML-N and other political parties are also supporting the government on the war on terror and are not giving importance to the resolution of the Parliament, Fazl said. He said the government should respond to the statement of the US Secretary of State. He said one should ask US whether the terrorism has reduced since 2001 or has increased in 2010. Maulana denied that he never talked about the presence of Taliban near Margalla Hills. To a question regarding operation in Kala Dhaka, he said the people of the area did not support the provincial government for the operation while ANP is a weak party and even is not in position to change an officer against the will of the Army. Talking about the foreign policy, he said the government has taken a U-turn as it has ignored Kashmir issue. To a question regarding suicide attacks, he said Ulema have not given any 'Fatawa against suicide bombings, however, during a meeting of Wafaq ul Madaris held in Lahore it was decided that the positive steps that are according to law should be taken for the solution of their problems rather than suicide bombing.