ISLAMABAD Visa issue between Pakistan and the US is likely to spark tension between the two states, as Washington in a tit for tat manner has withheld as many as seven genuine diplomatic Pakistani visas. The matter of issuance of diplomatic visas to seven Pakistani officials (including 5 diplomats and two accounts officers) has been lingering between the two states since last year. According to details, seven officials of Foreign Office, who were transferred to the United States and were asked to report to Pakistans Embassy in Washington and consulate in New York, have been waiting for issuance of their visas. These officials applied for US visas falling under A1 category 10 weeks back, however no development has been made so for. Normally it takes one and half a week to get a diplomatic visa but these officials have been waiting since ten weeks, TheNation has learnt on Monday. According to insiders, Americans were delaying issuance of visas in a bid to blackmail Pakistan to get as many as 300 more visas for its military and defence officials under A1 category. But according to rules and regulations, defence officials and businessmen do not deserve diplomatic or A1 category visas. While authorities of Ministry of Interior and Foreign Affairs were reluctant to issue diplomatic visas to non-diplomats, it was learnt. According to sources from the Ministry of Interior, US asked for issuance of almost 600 diplomatic visas last year. After processing of applications, Islamabad issued 300 visas while remaining were asked to provide further details or apply for visa under category they qualify for. During course of processing, officials found most of application were incomplete, so visa seekers were asked for provision of more details. The authorities in Islamabad also observed that a large number of defence officials had applied for diplomatic visas and most of their applications were rejected. However, 300 American officials and diplomats including US auditors were granted Pakistani visas. But still US was insisting getting diplomatic visas for its officials of Defence Department, informed the sources. According to high-level sources from Ministry of Interior, the US administration has said that they wouldnt think on issuance of visas to Pakistani officials until they get remaining visas for American officials. Pakistan has expressed its concern to the United States over delay in issuance of visas to Pakistani diplomats and officers. Foreign Office on Monday summoned the Head of Visa Section at US Embassy and conveyed Pakistans concerns. When contacted a Spokesperson of Inter-Service Public Relations said it was a matter relating to the US and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. While a spokesperson of US Embassy in Islamabad admitted that there was a little problem between the two countries over visa issue. We have made some progress to resolve it but still we are working to solve it completely, said Richard Snelsire.