ISLAMABAD Almost all the leading players of the past are talking about the good performance of Pakistan in the WorldT20 semi-final against Australia and shielding the team by putting the blame on luck that did not favour Greenshirts, but defeat is defeat whether by a single run or a single wicket. It is true to some extent that team played well against Aussies in the semi-final but keeping in view the past situation, the factor of luck cannot be blamed because it was sheer good luck of the team that had landed it into the semis despite the very fact that it lost all important matches in the opening round and managed to sneak into the semis by defeating South Africa thanks to spirited England which defeated Kiwis. The main cause of defeat against the Aussies was that the team assumed that it had strengthened its grip on the match after four Australian batsmen went back to pavilion. They forgot that the situation could be changed within a space of few deliveries, and it happened when firstly Camroon White and later Mike Hussey with their swashbuckling knock recorded one of the finest victories for Australia. Pakistan snatched defeat from the jaws of victory against the Australians. This was also a test case of Pakistan Skipper Shahid Khan Afridis abilities wherein he was totally flopped in almost all the departments of the game whether it was team selection, batting, bowling, or above all fielding. Afridi was seemingly stressed and a factor of fear was quite obvious when he batted. He was trying to hit every ball while his bowling was even worst. He bowled the most expensive over, which cost Pakistan the semi against the best team of the world of cricket. Pakistanis dropped catches like unprofessional players. There was no place for Muhammad Hafiz and Misbah-ul-Haq in the team but Afridi kept both of them in the playing eleven the reasons best known to him. Muhammad Asif and Muhammad Sami are one of the most reliable bowlers and against teams like Australia it was necessary not to drop them. Moreover they could be in the playing eleven by dropping Hafiz and Mishbah who both did not perform well with their bats, and even the paltry runs which they had scored could easily be achieved through Sami and Asif, as both of them are fully capable of hitting big shots. However despite all his mistakes, Afridi is the right person to lead Pakistan in not only ODIs but also in test matches. The PCB high-ups without wasting further time should appoint him as captain and give him full backing. The team needs drastic changes, especially in batting department. The England series is not very far away and the team will play test matches there and this form of the game best suits to the players who have patience. After Muhammad Yousuf and Younus Khan there is a huge gap in the middle order batting and the management must consider it carefully, otherwise this tour will meet the same fate like others where Pakistan lost badly. The time is ripe to take positive steps, learn from the past mistakes and assemble a winning combination. It is time to seek help from the past legends and make drastic changes in domestic cricket that is the root cause of decline in our cricket, as all the other leading cricket nations fully focus on their domestic system. Unfortunately the security situation in Pakistan is not good enough but it can be a blessing in disguise if we utilise this time in strengthening our domestic set-up and for that national and multinational organisations must step forward to bail out the ailing sports in the country. Being Patron-in-Chief of cricket, President Asif Ali Zardari should look into the affairs of PCB, which is letting not only the team but also the entire nation down. The President should act now in the best interests of the country, sack the entire PCB set-up and appoint an ad hoc body to run the affairs of cricket. He should bring in someone as head of PCB who is devoted, honest, professional and knows all the aspects of the game. If it is so, no one can dare point out fingers at team selection.