WASHINGTON - Former president Pervez Musharraf will outline his future plans on Tuesday at a meeting of his supporters and regional coordinators from all over the US of Pakistan First, a network body dedicated to promoting the countrys interests, a source close to him said Monday. But he refused to say what Musharraf might announce at the meeting, which will take place at Four Seasons, a top class hotel. During his stay in this capital city, the source who declined to be identified informed the former military ruler met senators John Kerry, the Democratic Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Richard Lugar, the ranking Republican on the powerful committee. The two had sponsored the controversial development aid bill for Pakistan, known as the Kerry-Lugar law. The source also said that he had also met a top Obama administration official, whom he declined to name. According to the source, the regional coordinators will spend a day on the Hill to meet congressional leaders. Meanwhile, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer has arrived here. Among other engagements, he is scheduled to address a Washington think tank.