LONDON (APP) - The UK-Chapter of PTI has launched a think-tank to deliberate on various issues and define policy papers and strategies that can by used by the party in Pakistan. The main objective of the Think-Tank is to provide a support structure to PTI in Pakistan so that it can propagate a clear message on the solutions that the party will offer to the masses. We all know the issues and the people of Pakistan now need to understand how PTI will deliver the solutions to the issues facing them and what these solutions are, partys UK co-ordinator Rabia Zia said Monday. She said the solutions need to be practical, implementable and should focus on short term delivery as well as long term strategy. This way the nation will see how the vision of Chairman Imran Khan will result in delivery of 'real solutions. The expertise of the members invited covered key areas such as health, education, finance & revenue generation, food & agriculture, water & power, communication, foreign affairs, science & technology, rural development, women development, banking regulation (money laundering), commerce, legal policy, etc. Ms Zia said the Think Tank would prioritise known issues and define policy papers and strategies that could be used by PTI Pakistan.