ISLAMABAD - Amid all the ripples sparked by TheNations investigations regarding Blackwater, one longstanding question has yet to seek an answer, why is Interior Ministry reluctant to pass on the details of suspicious homes operating in the Capital to related departments? A senior official of Deputy Commissioner Islamabads office had visited this newspapers office last Saturday in the wake of publication of TheNations story Blackwater infiltrates streets of Capital dated May 14, 2010. The official had requested this newspaper for the grant of details of all those suspicious homes that were reported to have been confirmedly operated by Blackwater, US marines and CIA in the posh localities of Islamabad, in the same news item. His request was communicated to this scribe through a colleague journalist the same night. In the national interest, TheNation had assured full support and cooperation to volunteer any information about all those organisations working on anti-Pakistan agenda. However, the official has not shown up till date. On the other hand, a 'mild clarification sent to TheNation from Islamabad Police says that it 'denies the presence of Blackwater here and claims to have conducted a comprehensive 'survey in this regard. This speaks volumes of the lack of coordination between the government departments. Just when a governmental body sought TheNations help to trace Blackwater, a law enforcement department proved so 'efficient that within no time it gave a clean chit to all the seventy plus suspicious residences. Earlier this year, Chairman Senates Standing Committee on Interior Senator Talha Mehmood had publicly questioned the term 'special Americans used in certain official documents of Interior Ministry, soon after the Ministry had made public the details of Americans living across the city. It is also questionable that under what capacity some Americans are labelled as 'special Americans and what mandate do they carry for their presence here. This scribe had firsthand experience of observing Blackwater and US spies on two separate occasions. In one such instance, a local agent of a so-called US based company had proudly stated that he was representing Blackwater, which was confirmed by neighbouring residents and security officials in sector E-7. In another such case, TheNation found out about the presence of undercover Pakistani-American agents working for Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in sector F-11/3. Further probe onto the matter reveals that most of the fake American companies and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) have hired a significant number of Pashto speaking Pakistani nationals in the backdrop of their intensified covert activities in Peshawar, Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) and other parts of North Western Pakistan.