Many private TV channels run soap operas 24/7 and most of them show a ‘baychari’ (deprived) woman, beaten by her husband, abused by her in-laws, having extra marital affairs or destroying some one’s life. These are extremes of behaviour and do not reflect the the women in our society. We live in a diverse culture and appreciate freedom of speech, but what kind of content is being aired in the guise of entertainment? Do they really depict Pakistani culture? I am a 90’s person, when our drama industry was one of the best in the world. Even Indians were fans of our thirteen episode drama serials. I remember the whole family used to watch the 8pm drama every night on PTV. We used to export our dramas and earn revenue but today we are doing exactly the opposite by importing foreign content from Turkey and India, which doesn’t even reconcile with our cultural norms. Hasina Moin, Anwer Maqsood, Ashqfaq Ahmed were some of the writers who gave us quality scripts, but I guess our new script writers are out of ideas; they simply lack imagination.


Karachi, April 8.